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Family Day Care

Family Day Care is a national network of approved childcare services. Early Childhood Educators registered by these services provide care from their own homes. They work with small groups of no more than four children under school age. Additionally, they provide before and after school and vacation care for children up to 12 years.

Our Service Mission

Our Service Mission is to offer education and care for children that is inclusive, accessible, and responsive to the needs of families throughout the community and where every child will be supported to achieve their full potential.

The service is a not-for-profit community enterprise established in 1988 by local families.

Since 2017 our service has been rated “Exceeding” the National Quality Standard.

Co-ordination Unit

The Coordination Unit is central to the operational functioning of the Service. It is the point of contact for family enrolment, referral and support as well as educator recruitment, training, resourcing, monitoring and support.
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Megan Whitford

Nominated Supervisor, Child Development Officer, Educational Leader, person to whom complaints can be addressed.

Joanna Rideaux

Service Manager
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Erin Witcombe

Child Development Officer, Educational Leader, Playgroup Leader and Acting Certified Supervisor
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Naomi Brown

Administration, Financial Officer
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Kaycee Orum

Child Development Officer, Administration


Educators are carefully selected and supervised early childhood education and care professionals. They are self-employed contractors registered by our service to provide care from their own homes.

Educational Program

Educators program to build on individual children’s interests, knowledge, experience, strengths and background to guide their learning through play.

All educators are guided by the National Quality Framework which includes the Early Years Learning Framework – Being, Becoming and Belonging and My Time Our Place. For more information about the National Quality Framework go to: https://www.startingblocks.gov.au/

"We believe that childhood is a time for play, discovery and making friends. We believe that children’s learning is holistic and will happen best where it’s unhurried and children are free to investigate, create, imagine and just be…

We believe that each child is a competent and complex learner whose unique strengths, abilities and interests should be recognised and given the opportunity to grow and evolve. We believe that taking risks builds skills, resilience and confidence and children should be supported to welcome challenges and become creative problem solvers."

Bega Valley Family Day Care Philosophy
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Educators can include excursions in their planning to enhance and broaden children’s community links, sense of belonging and to develop social skills by interacting with other groups of children.

"We encourage participation in local events, excursions and adventures to build community links and a sense of place and belonging..."

Bega Valley Family Day Care Philosophy

Mobile Playgroup

We provide a mobile playgroup for Educators, children and families registered with the service. Playgroups are held regularly throughout the valley and are facilitated by our Educational Leader.

Some playgroups are held in natural settings . These nature-based play opportunities give the children the time and space to engage in a sensory rich environment, enhancing children’s connection to the natural world and all that it has to offer.

"We believe that children’s curiosity, wonder and connection to the natural world will thrive when they have natural materials to play with and inviting outdoor spaces to explore. Through their early experiences children can build an enduring understanding and respect for the environment and become the guardians of a sustainable future."

Bega Valley Family Day Care Philosophy

Reconciliation Vision

Children’s connection to country and respect for culture is encouraged through meaningful experiences in nature, exploration and mentoring.

"That the resilience and strength of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, the wisdom of the Elders and the richness and diversity of their cultures, histories, heritages and traditions are honoured and valued by all Australian."

Bega Valley Family Day Care Reconciliation Vision


Children of all ages and abilities who attend our service have the right to an inclusive play experience where they can develop and learn together with others.

If your child has additional needs, staff and educators will work with you and your support services to help your child reach their full potential.

"We believe that inclusion enriches us all and we strive to provide a service that is accessible, welcoming and responsive for all members of our community."

Bega Valley Family Day Care Philosophy
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Child Protection

We are a Child Safe Organisation, following Office of the Children’s Guardian Standards to keep children safe from harm. Staff and educators are trained mandatory reporters.

"We believe in collaborating with families and children’s services to educate and advocate for children’s health and welfare."

Bega Valley Family Day Care Philosophy


Our policies are developed and reviewed in consultation with families, educators, and management. If you wish to view our polices, please click HERE.

Licensing and Complaints

Our Management Committee is licensed as an Approved Service Provider by the regulatory authority, NSW Department of Education.

Complaints about our service that cannot be addressed at service level should be addressed to NSW Department of Education:

"We believe that trust and understanding are at the heart of good relationships and that open communication and critical reflection must be embedded in our daily practice."

Bega Valley Family Day Care Philosophy
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National Quality Standards

Education and Care Services are assessed against seven quality areas of the National Quality Standard (NQS). This assessment contributes to an overall rating. The system is designed to promote continuous improvement in quality for each service.

For more information about the Education and Care Quality Ratings system:


The hourly administration levy paid by families contributes to the cost of co-ordination unit services. We currently also receive financial support from the Australian Government through a competitive Community Child Care Fund grant.

Registered Charity

We are registered as a charity with The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.
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