Combine your passion for working in Early Childhood with the opportunity to work from home with easy access to support and resources from a local Family Day Care service.

If you are an early childhood professional, you may enjoy the freedom and flexibility offered by family day care to shape your career and your learning environment. It’s a unique opportunity to develop your own educational programs based on the needs and interests of individual children, while building long lasting bonds.

We understand that Early Childhood Educators are highly skilled professionals and believe they deserve to be well paid for their work. Our Educators are self-employed so they determine their own hours of work and fees* to fit in with their family and other commitments.

Our Educators are encouraged to bring their individual interests and style to their service, and we celebrate this diversity; it is a strength for the Service as a whole.


New Educator Start Up Grant and Loans

There can be some initial costs in setting up your service so we offer new educators a $1000.00 Start Up Grant.

We also offer interest free loans to all our registered educators for service-related expenses.

To find out what your earning potential could be as a family day care educator, you can use our Family Day Care Income Calculator, go to

What Next?

If this sounds like the career direction you are seeking, Bega Valley Family Day Care wants to hear from you.

If you’re not sure if your home could be adapted for family day care, don’t be put off – phone or drop into the Co-ordination Unit and talk to one of our staff members.

If appropriate, we can then arrange to come out to your home or venue where we can do an interview and discuss professional and personal requirements and your interest in becoming a registered Educator.

For more detailed information about becoming a Registered Educator, see Prospective Educator information.

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