Care for your child

Bega Valley Family Day Care is an Approved Child Care Service offering care for children from birth to 12 years.

Trained Educators are registered and supported by the Co-ordination Unit team. Educators program and plan activities for children based on their interests and developing abilities with a balance of indoor and outdoor play. Outings such as playgroups, library visits and walks to the park may be included in the program with families’ permission.

Collaborative partnerships between families and Educators play a vital role in helping children thrive and achieve their full potential. In the Family Day Care environment families have direct contact with their child’s Educator on a daily basis facilitating information sharing and the building of awareness and understanding of the child’s development and needs.

What makes Family Day Care a good choice for you and your child?

  • A safe and nurturing home environment that is close to where you live or work
  • A consistent Educator with whom you and your child can build a personal relationship and understanding
  • A small, familiar group of children with whom your child can develop their confidence, social skills and friendships
  • Unlimited planned and spontaneous play opportunities throughout the day
  • An Educator who has time to get to know your child and will design a program and activities to foster their individual interests and abilities as they emerge
  • Family Day Care play sessions organised and run by Early Childhood professionals from the Co-ordination Unit. All registered Educators are invited to attend these Play Sessions which take place in various locations throughout the Shire.
  • Family Day Care toy, resource and equipment library. Educators have access to a huge range of toys, play equipment, puzzles, books and other resources through the Co-ordination Unit library.
  • For children with additional needs, the Family Day Care setting can be the ideal environment to support their learning and development

For more detailed information about our service see our Family Information Booklet.