Becoming an Educator

If you enjoy working with children, and want to make a difference in their lives by providing quality care and learning experiences in your own nurturing home environment, then family day care could be your career of choice!

Combine your passion for children with the opportunity to create a financially rewarding, professional home based career as an early childhood Educator.

Educators registered with Bega Valley Family Day Care enjoy the autonomy of running their own business whilst having access to support, guidance, resources and services from qualified Co-ordination unit staff whenever they’re needed.

Each of our Educators brings their individual style to their service. Bega Valley Family Day Care supports and celebrates this diversity as a strength in the Service as a whole.

Through the Co-ordination unit, our Educators have access to:

  • Training
  • Toy, equipment and resource libraries
  • Regular as well as on-request support visits
  • On-demand telephone support and advice during office hours (and 24/7 in emergencies)
  • Play sessions run by CDO’s as well as play sessions run by Educators
  • Equipment, toy and resource library and delivery
  • Interest free loans for day care related expenses
  • CDO support visits – monthly and on request
  • Relief care – by Co-ordination unit staff and other educators
  • Emergency backup by Co-ordination unit staff
  • Events – sports days, concerts etc
  • Free special activities eg artists coming to Educators’ homes to teach children
  • Local community involvement, networking, promotions and marketing
  • Social events and celebrations

As they are self employed, our Educators determine their own hours of work, fees and charges. The flexibility inherent in running a Family Day Care service allows Educators to adapt to the changing needs of their own families.

With the ever increasing childcare needs of Australian working families, Family Day Care services have never been in such demand. Furthermore, with Family Day Care’s inclusion under the National Quality Framework and a growing awareness of the many unique benefits of the service, Family Day Care is fast becoming the option of choice in early childhood education and care.

For more detailed information about becoming a Registered Educator, see Prospective Educator information.

What next?

If this sounds like the career direction you are seeking, Bega Valley Family Day Care wants to hear from you!

Phone or drop in to the Co-ordination Unit and talk to one of our staff members about your interest.

If appropriate, we can then arrange to come out to your home or venue where we can do an interview and discuss professional and personal requirements and your suitability as an Educator.

At this time you can show us how you see your home working as a childcare service. We can do an initial assessment of its suitability and discuss any changes or additions that would be required for compliance.

If your interview is successful and your home or venue appropriate, you will be given a pack including:

  • An application form with questions designed to demonstrate your skills and potential as an early childhood Educator.
  • Partner’s agreement
  • Two referee forms
  • Information about applying for Working with Children Clearance

A decision will be made about your suitability when all these things have been returned, references have been checked and Working with Children Clearances received for all adult household members. You may then be offered registration with Bega Valley Family Day Care and your tailored orientation program can be arranged with you.

Once all of the above has been completed and your place of business has been assessed and approved, you will need to organise public liability insurance and sign the Educator contract. Now you are ready to open the doors to your new Family Day Care Service!

See the Prospective Educator Information Booklet.