How does Bega Valley Family Day Care Work?

The Co-ordination Unit

Bega Family Day Care Staff
Bega Family Day Care Staff

The Coordination Unit is central to the operational functioning of the Service. It is the point of contact, registration, referral, resourcing, monitoring and support for parents and Educators.

Our Co-ordination Unit comprises five staff members, who all work part-time:

Name Role
Megan Whitford Nominated Supervisor, Child Development Officer
Joanna Rideaux Service Manager
Erin Witcombe Child Development Officer, Playgroup Leader and Acting Certified Supervisor
Naomi Brown Administration Assistant/Bookkeeper
Kaycee Orum Child Development Officer

Co-ordination Unit Facilitated Programs

Inclusion Support Program

We are committed to promoting and maintaining high quality, inclusive education and care for all children including those with ongoing support needs. This is achieved by increasing the knowledge and skills of Educators through professional development and advice and access to additional resources and support. Children with an assessed/diagnosed developmental delay or disability or who are undergoing continuing assessment are eligible for the Inclusion Support Program.

Play Session Program

The Play Session program is designed to mentor Educators in the provision of play opportunities for children in care. Children benefit through enhanced programming as well as building social skills and extending relationships in a larger group environment. Play sessions for Educators and enrolled families are held at several locations throughout the Shire. For information about times and locations, please contact the Co-ordination Unit.

Planning and Documentation Program

Educators are required to continually assess children’s development within a cycle of programming and planning in order to provide an individualised curriculum for children in care. Family day care allows children to develop strong attachments with Educators which assist Educators to develop a program that meets each individual child’s needs and supports each child’s learning, growth and development.

Transition to School

This program is designed to assist Educators and families prepare their children for a successful transition to school. The program includes:

  • Information on school readiness for parents/guardians and Educators
  • A school readiness checklist for individual children as required
  • Promotion of local school orientation dates
  • Support for children with identified additional needs through liaison with relevant departments and services


Excursions can be a valuable part of the learning and play experience for children in care. Educators can include excursions in their planning to enhance and broaden children’s knowledge of the built and natural world and to develop social skills by interacting with other groups of children.

Educators and staff have a responsibility to take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of Day Care children who participate in excursions. Families have the right to know where their children are going and what they are doing whilst they are in care.

Educators who have excursions aim to provide children with well planned outings that enhance their experiences and learning and are conducted safely.

The Management Committee

Bega Valley Family Day Care Inc was established in 1988 by members of the Bega Valley community as a not for profit community based organisation. The Service is managed by a volunteer Management Committee. The Committee accepts overall responsibility for the professional, legal and financial obligations of the Service and ensuring that it meets the needs of the local community and is able to respond to variations in those needs.

The Management Committee meets every month to conduct the strategic direction of the service. The Annual General Meeting is held in September/October and all parents, Educators and interested community members are invited to become financial members of the association on an annual basis. Anyone who has an interest in the service is encouraged to seek nomination to the Committee at the Annual General Meeting.

Funding and Regulation

Bega Valley Family Day Care Inc. receives financial support from the Australian Government under the Community Support Programme, and is licensed as an Approved Service Provider by NSW Department of Education and Communities. NSW Department of Education and Communities is also our regulatory body and conduct our Assessment and Ratings according to the National Quality Framework of Early Childhood, Education and Care.

The National Quality Framework includes regulations, standards and an assessment and rating system for all Australian Early Childhood Service Providers, including Family Day Care. This means that all Australian children, regardless of their location or setting, will get the best possible start in life through high quality early childhood education and care. The framework also empowers families to make informed choices about which service best suits their child.

For more information about the National Quality Framework go to: